Best boat names of all time

The best boat names of all time that we personally went out and found for you to select from!

39 best boat names of all time:

#1- Sleek

#2 – Slick as a whistle

#3 – Black Pearl

#4 – Big Bessy

#5- Boot Scootin’ Boogie

#6 – Calypso

#7- Dirty Laundry Night Fishing Machine

#8 – Good ‘Ol Boy

#9 – Guzzler

#11- Jolly Rancher

#12 – Muddy Waters

#13- Nauti Bettys

#14- Pimped Out Ride from the Flossy Posse

#15- Poop Deck

#16 – Shady Lady

#18 – Ship Wrecked

#19 – Survival of the Slickest

#21 – That’s What She Said (that’s what she said)

#22- Twisted Sister

#23 – Y’all Ready for This? (Y’all ready for this?)

#24 – Soggy Bottom

#25- Your Mama Don’t Dance

#26- Big Gassed Up Diver Down

#27- Bite Me Machine

#28 – SS Big Tittee

#29- Cuddlefish

#30- Scab Rag Express

#31 – Double Barrel, No Chaser

#32 – Drunk in Public #33 – Gonna Float Me a Keg

#34- Hangover Gone Fishing

#37- My Booner Has a First Name

#38- No Scrubs Allowed on This Ship or in my bed or in my life.

#39 – Single

best boat names of all time

How to pick the best boat name?

Picking a boat name can be fun for sure! After all, this is your boat persona. It’s how you want to be known on the water and it certainly represents you! If you are a laid back type of person a laid back name can go a long way. But if you love adventure and excitement maybe a bolder name would do the trick?

We have compiled a list of 48 names according to three different styles: Laid Back, Adventurous and Bold. Hopefully there is something for everyone in here regardless of what style suits your kind of boating lifestyle best!

Laid Back Names [1-25] Adventurous Names [26-40] Bold Names [41-48]

So here we go! The 100 best boat names of all time.

Laid Back Boat Names

These are just the sweetest little laid back type of boat names I could find. Whether you’re looking for a great name to attach to your skiff or a sailboat we definitely have you covered:

1) Freedom Boat – This is such a classic and well deserved name for any water vessel out there. As the old saying goes: “There’s nothing like being free on the open waters!”. So why not give this sweet name to your boat? Doesn’t it sound awesome?

2) Sloth – If you feel that life moves too fast and embrace it then maybe you would like to honor the tree hugging animal by naming your boat after it. Why not?

3) Hobie’s Dream – Hobie Alter was a great man who had an amazing vision of the world, so it only makes sense to name your boat after what you envision for yourself in life. Doesn’t that sound perfect?

4) Serenity Now! – This is one of my favorite quotes from the cult classic television show called “Seinfeld” which truly applies to anyone at anytime no matter where they are or what they’re up to. So maybe you’d like to pay homage to this wonderful quote by naming your sailing vessel after it?

5) Maynard G. Krebs – That’s right! The beatnik character played by Bob Denver on the 1960’s American television series “The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis”. Maynard G. Krebs was a lovable character known for his laid back nature and way of living, so why not name your water vessel after him? It would be the most awesome thing ever!

6) Sail Away – This is such a classic boat name because it’s perfect for anyone looking to escape from reality and get lost on the open waters. Doesn’t that sound amazing to you?

7) Jellyfish Jam – If you love jamming out to music while you’re sailing a boat then this might just be the right name for you. Plus, it has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

8) Blueberry Pancakes – You can never go wrong with a classic recipe, and what’s better than blueberry pancakes? The same can be said for this boat name. It sounds perfect!

9) Slip Away – This is such a sweet little boat name that truly gives you the chance to escape from reality and slip away into your own dreamy world. Doesn’t that sound great?

10) Manatee – Have you ever seen a manatee before? If so, then I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say they are one of nature’s most beautiful creatures out there. So why not immortalize them by giving your boat their name? Doesn’t it just sound so majestic?

11) Serenity – if “Serenity Now” is taken then “Serenity” might just be the right name for you. If you’re looking to embrace your laid back nature and live life at your own pace then this sweet name will suit you just fine!

12) One Day – if one day may not actually come then why not immortalize that dream in boat form? This beautiful name can work no matter what kind of vessel you have. A sailboat, skiff, powerboat or any other type of watercraft is covered by this timeless classic!

13) Waverunner – Everyone loves to ride a waverunner don’t they? It’s definitely all about speed with these fast moving boats, but it’s also relaxing too! So maybe you should give this sweet name to your boat and ride away into the sunset!

14) Drifter – This is such a classic and laid back type of boat name because it truly lets you drift off into that dreamy world we all love. If you’re looking for a sweet little name that will suit any water vessel then “Drifter” might just be what you’ve been searching for.

15) Freedom Wheels – This is one of my favorite boat names along with “Freedom Boat”. It has such an iconic ring to it doesn’t it? Who wouldn’t want these two words put together? So why not give this beautiful name to your wheeled water vessel?

16) Mystical Dream Catcher – It’s so important to have dreams in life, and what better way to remember them then by naming your boat after the object that has the ability to catch them? If you love this idea then “Mystical Dream Catcher” is definitely your name!

17) The A Team – This was the shortened version of one of America’s most beloved sitcoms called “The A-Team”. It was about four Vietnam vets who had their own time slot during primetime television. So if you’re looking for a cool TV themed boat name then why not give this beautiful title a shot?

18) Skimmer – You can’t go wrong with this classic boat name because it truly is one of the most memorable ones there are. If you’re looking for something sweet with just the right amount of class then “Skimmer” might just be your name!

19) Outback – The outback is another word for the Australian wild. So if you’re looking to embrace that adventurous side of yours then this beautiful boat name will suit you just fine!

20) Waves – If there’s one thing I can say about waves, it’s that they are an iconic part of water life. Almost everyone loves them because they truly give people a chance to take things at their own pace, but still have fun along the way. And if you feel the same way as I do then “waves” may be perfect for you!

21) The Serenaders – Sometimes all you need is some good old fashioned entertainment. So why not give your boat this truly sweet name? It will suit any vessel and give you a chance to look back with smile on those good times!

22) Good Times – This is such a classic and upbeat boat name because it lets everyone know that you’re here to bring some good old fashioned fun, fun, fun! If you love the idea of having this as your boat name then “Good Times” might just become your new favorite thing!

23) Passenger – Why not immortalize that faithful little companion of yours by naming your boat after them? If they’re always there for you no matter how long the trip is then maybe it’s time to put them in the spotlight. So if you feel like giving them center stage then “Passenger” is definitely a sweet name to give your boat!

24) Eyes in the Back of My Mind – This is such a thoughtful and sentimental boat name for when you want to have things always near the front of your mind. It’s really one of those titles that can make people stop and think, which is certainly something we don’t get enough of these days. That’s why “Eyes in the Back of My Mind” might just be worth giving a chance!

25) All Heart – This is another perfect TV themed boat name because it comes from one of America’s most heartfelt sitcoms ever made. So if you’re looking for some heartfelt inspiration then this classic will suit you just fine!

Adventurous Boat Names

26) School of Fish – This is another classic boat name that will always remind you of those days when you felt free as a bird. And if the idea of feeling like this again excites you then “School Of Fish” might just be your next water vessel title!

27) I’m Your Huckleberry – This is one of my favorite and most iconic boat names of all time because it comes from one of the most influential films ever made: “The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn”. So if you love this movie and want to emulate its true meaning then why not give “I’m Your Huckleberry” a try?

28) Freebird – Another iconic TV show themed boat name, this time coming from another beloved American sitcom called “The Andy Griffith Show”. If you’re a fan of this classic then why not honor it by giving your boat the same name as its true stars?

29) Now Boarding – When traveling by boat, sometimes all you need is a good laugh to get things going. So if you want people to have a great time when they see your ship from far away then “Now Boarding” might just be what does the job!

30) Life Preserver – Sometimes even the simplest titles can say so much, and this is definitely one of them. It’s perfect for those days where you feel like all hope is lost but still believe in something better. Because if there’s anything worth having it’s life, plain and simple. So if that’s how you feel then give your boat the title of “Life Preserver” and watch things turn around for the better!

31) Liquid Courage – This may be one of the most interesting TV themed boat names because it comes from a rather raunchy series called “The Ren & Stimpy Show”. But if this doesn’t offend you, why not give it a chance because it will make people smile when they hear what vessel title you’ve given to yours?

32) The Fun Saver – Sometimes all we need in life is just a little bit of fun. And if that’s true for you then maybe “The Fun Saver” could actually suit your boating needs perfectly! No matter who you are or what you’re into, this title will fit right in with just about anybody!

33) Swig of Love – This is such a classic and fun boat name because it’s perfect for those romantic dates when everything feels like its going your way. The best part about it is that this title has enough charm to make anyone feel like the king or queen of the ocean, no matter who they are!

34) Sea Legs – Everyone goes through that moment in their lives where they feel like their feet aren’t touching solid ground anymore, but magically find themselves walking on water. Well if you’ve ever had moments like these then “Sea Legs” might be the perfect moniker for your vessel!

35) Wet Dreamz – Speaking of magical moments on the ocean, this is another one that’s too good not to share. Because if you want something that will always put a smile on your face then give “Wet Dreamz” a chance! Just be careful because it might end up having a bigger impact than you ever imagined!

36) The Golden Girls – Another classic TV show themed boat name, this time coming from one of America’s most popular sitcoms about four older women living in Miami. And if you love the Golden Girls as much as I do then give them the tribute they deserve by naming your boat after their adventures out at sea!

37) Portside Parade – Sometimes the best titles are ones that make you think about what they mean. And no matter how you see it, “Portside Parade” is one boat name that always has a magical quality to them. So if you want something simple but beautiful then take a look at this title and see if it fits your vessel perfectly!

38) Puddle Jumper – This is another TV show themed boat name that comes from one of the most iconic police dramas of all time: “Dragnet”. And I’m sure the true veterans will remember this classic from when it first aired back in the early 1950s. But even if you’re not a fan this maybe just be what you’ve been looking for because its charm never fails!

39) Anchors Aweigh – If you love the Navy and want to pay homage to those brave sailors then why not give your vessel the title of “Anchors Aweigh”? Because no matter where you go, this classic will always be a reminder that we’re all in this together.

40) Ma – And finally we have one for all those people who feel like they got four and a half parents because that’s what they’d call their boat if it could talk back! But if you love your family so much then I’m sure sharing them with others won’t be such a bad idea. So to everyone whose mom or dad is also their best friend, I hope this brings a smile to your face as well!

Bold Boat Names

41) Scrummy Mummy – This is a boat title that comes from a kids TV show called “Chuggington” and it’s one of many that honors mothers everywhere. So, if you’re a mom who loves adventure then give your vessel the name it deserves!

42) The Love Boat – Why not pay homage to everyone’s favorite ship from the 70s with “The Love Ship”. Because not only will this make people smile when they hear what your boat is named after, but it also has enough charm to make anyone feel like they’re in heaven while on board!

43) Sea Monkeys – If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a yacht then why not give your vessel a name that makes them seem like they’re straight out of a cartoon? I know that many people my age grew up watching “Sea Monkeys” and they still love the show to this day. So, if you want something adorable then look no further!

44) Ting Tong – If you’re looking for a boat name that sounds super cute when said outloud then “Ting Tong” might be just what your vessel needs. Because no matter if you go with Chinese or British lingo, this title always has one of them feel-good vibes coming off in waves!

45) Spaced Out – And speaking of things from another planet we have “Spaced Out”. This is such a fun way to give homage to everyone’s favorite sci-fi movie because if you love “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” then why not take your vessel where no man has gone before?

46) Cut Throat Island – And speaking of old pirate movies, here we have “Cut Throat Island”. This title takes us back to the golden age of pirates when straight up murder was just part of their day job. So if you’re looking for something bad-ass sounding yet also has a little bit of class then this might be it!

47) The Tardis – Another sci-fi themed boat name is “The Tardis”, which comes from everyone’s favorite blue police box that can go anywhere in time and space. But, sometimes its biggest gift is how it helps Doctor Who deal with the monsters in his life without being too violent. So, if you’re looking for a classic yet iconic name then this might just be your perfect choice!

48) The Flying Dutchman – And lastly we have “The Flying Dutchman” which is one of the most well-known ghost ship names out there. But instead of being filled with pirates ready to destroy others, this vessel is actually filled with fairies who only want to create magic and fly high above when they feel like it! So give your boat a little bit of that fairy dust today and see what wonders will happen!

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