9 Best Sailing lakes in Texas

Texas is an incredibly large state with several natural features that makes it a famous tourist site in the United States. Hosting several large water bodies ranging from lakes, rivers, and dams. At World Sailing Charters, we are huge fans of the state of Texas and what it offers to our sailing community.

Texas is a top holiday destination for boat sailors who love spending time sailing on magnificent waters. Below is a list of 9 great lakes within Texas for boat sailors looking to enjoy their adventurous expeditions on water. Don’t skip out on these sailing lakes in Texas – trust us, it’s worth the visit!

9 Top Sailing Lakes in Texas:

  1. Lake Texoma
  2. Lake Lewisville
  3. Cedar Creek Reservoir
  4. Lake Travis
  5. Lake Austin
  6. Lake Amistad
  7. Lake Granbury
  8. Lake Grapevine
  9. Sam Rayburn Reservoir
best sailing lakes in texas

Let’s take it from the top and talk about everything a Texas lake has to offer, starting with some of the best sailing adventures. Sailing Texas will never be the same!

Sailing Lake Texoma

When it comes to sailing lakes in Texas, Lake Texoma, unlike the many lakes within Texas state, is a breathtaking lake to pay a visit for a sailboat. The cool breezes, crystal clear waters, and a wide surface area of about 29,000 acres create a thrilling experience for sailing around the lake. It’s a major tourist site located on the borderline between Texas and Oklahoma states.

sail lake texoma texas

The shoreline, stretching approximately 580 miles, is featured by chartered boats, marinas, boat rentals, exotic hotels, and golf courses. This makes the place a thriving environment for tourists visiting the site. It’s also one of the best locations to go fishing as it pays homage to several fish species. Next time you’re looking to go for a vacation, try visiting Lake Texoma, you’d be glad you chose the place.

Sailing Lake Lewisville

Lewisville Lake is an amazing sailing and fishing water body and a must-see on our list of sailing lakes in Texas. It’s located about an hour’s drive from Dallas on the Northern side of Texas and covers a large area of 453.1 square miles. Its’ shorelines are surrounded by beautiful parks offering a great site for biking, hiking, and camping.

sail Lake Lewisville

The water body also experiences lots of wind and cool breezes that enhance boat sailing and make it enjoyable. It’s also a great fishing site where families can take vacations and relish intimate moments like father-son fishing excursions while sailing on the lake.

Lake Lewisville is a great nature site for you if you enjoy sailing, fishing, and other outdoor activities like cycling and hiking.

Sailing in Cedar Creek Reservoir

The Cedar Creek Reservoir is the 4th largest lake in Texas stretching over a length of 8.5 miles and goes 53 feet deep. This enormous size makes it a spectacular destination for sailing. To supplement the sailing activities on the reservoir, its shores host eight marinas that make it easy for sailors to launch their boats.

Cedar Creek Reservoir

People from Texas and Dallas love flooding the place on weekends to enjoy panoramic views surrounding the place. It’s also an amazing fishing site. Be sure to pay a visit if you’d like to have a sensational weekend after a whole week of tedious work.

Sailing Lake Travis

Here’s some more on sailing lakes in Texas, introducing Lake Travis! Lake Travis is a reservoir formed when the Mansfield Dam was constructed in 1942. It is located along the Colorado River, Central Texas, and covers an area of 29.6 square miles. It’s shoreline stretches 271 miles and has breathtaking landscapes that make it a magnificent place to explore.

sail on lake travis reservoir

Not to mention its view from a bird’s eye’s perspective. The blue waters sitting on limestone bedrock are just an awe when seen on a map or a drone. Many sailors love visiting the site due to its proximity to Austin and the amazing panoramic views surrounding the shorelines. The exquisite blue lake is also a great place for fun activities like riding on speedboats and fishing.

Sailing Lake Austin

Lake Austin is for sure among the top 9 sailing lakes in Texas and here’s why.

This water body offers one of the best boat sailing experiences away from the busy life of Texas’ capital, Austin. If you’re looking to have a ride off the lake on a weekend, Lake Austin is the place to be. It neighbors the Lady Bird Lake within Texas that prohibits motorized boating. This is not the case for Lake Austin where you’re free to not only sail but also ride on a speed boat.

You’ll also find many pontoon boats and bow-riders on the marinas along its shorelines. You can give them a try if you’ve never ridden one. The landscape views on the surrounding hills and Mount Bonnet make the place a plus destination site for camp sailing and mountain hiking. Be sure to pay a visit on one of your vacations or weekend offs.

Sailing Lake Amistad

If you’re a boat sailor and you appreciate and love other outdoor activities like scuba diving, surfing, and speed boat riding, Lake Amistad is the best sailing spot for you. The lake sits on one of America’s ancient desert canyons making it a desert oasis itself.

Its name, “Amistad”, has a Spanish origin meaning “friendship”. It’s a borderland paradise offering great recreational activities like camping, rock-art viewing, birdwatching, mountain biking, and definitely boat sailing. It pays homage to a wide variety of plants and animals thus making it an excellent site to enjoy the serene nature while sailing.

Lake Granbury Sailing

Lake Granbury is a great place for sailors who prefer low-key sailing and fishing expeditions. Unlike other lakes that have wide open-waters areas that provide a variety of boat sailing activities, Lake Granbury is narrow but has a great depth of about 75 feet. This makes it a more convenient location for fishing. However, you can still enjoy water-skiing, paddle-boarding, and nature viewing around the reservoir. It’s surrounded by five amazing parks in which you can tour at no cost and at any time during the year. Be sure to visit the lake if you stay in Granbury City and its environs.

Lake Grapevine Sailing

Lake Grapevine is a lake located in Texas’s 5th largest city, Fort Worth, and covers an area of 12.5 square miles. It offers amazing sailing expeditions for sailors who enjoy the serenity that nature radiates. It’s surrounded by eight exquisite parks along its perimeter which also provide strategic spots for camping and amazing nature trails for hiking.

Lake Grapevine’s Habitat

It features a natural habitat for a wide variety of fish species thus creating numerous opportunities for adventurous fishing expeditions. It also pays homage to water sporting activities and three marinas that offer boat services to sailors. Its shorelines have breathtaking views which make it a popular tourist site among holiday-makers. If you’re looking for the perfect vacation spot for your next holiday, Lake Grapevine is a great pick.

Sailing in Sam Rayburn Reservoir

The Sam Rayburn reservoir, located deep on the Eastern side of Texas, is probably the largest human-made water reservoir in the state. It’s situated along the Angelina River, stretches 287.7 miles in length, and measures 172 square miles of surface area. It’s massively deep (80 feet deep) and is a natural habitat to large amounts of largemouth bass fish. This makes it a great fishing site.

Operations around the lake are mainly managed by the Army Corps of Engineers. Its strategic location on a windy area creates a perfect sailing destination site. Its surrounding environment has a scenic natural beauty that makes sailing an out-of-world experience.

Sailing Texas At It’s Best

These are just 9 of the great sailing lakes in Texas. There are many more lakes such as the Canyon, Possum Kingdom, Lady Bird, and O’ the Pines lakes which are also great sailing sites. The list above is a great start if you’re looking to venture into boat sailing expeditions. You’ll enjoy the natural scenes and indulge in other activities like fishing, camping, and hiking while on your sailing odyssey.

As always, if you’re looking to sail in different lakes around the USA – make sure to check out our following guides:

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