Dating Sites For Sailors

There are many dating sites for sailors. Boating and dating is actually pretty normal and excited for most. Here’s where you can find single sailors to date.

Dating Sites For Sailors At a Glance:

The most popular of the dating sites for sailors at the moment is held by two platforms:

Lovesail and Fitness Singles.

Lovesail Dating Site For Sailing Enthusiasts


Lovesail is all about dating and finding a dating partner among people who love the sea and outdoor activities. It also contains dating tips for those who want to improve their dating experience overall.

When it comes to online dates among boaters, this is a premium global online dating and social networking site for people who love sailing. We have been established since 2004 and are the original dating and meetup site for sailors.

Fitness Singles Dating Site: For Fitness Enthusiasts

Similar as Lovesail, Fitness Singles is solely dedicated to fitness enthusiasts only. What’s good about this dating site is that it allows dating among different types of fitness dating partners so users can choose their dating preferences.

Fitness Singles

Sailor Dating Sites At a Glance:

There are dating sites for sailors which are specifically dedicated to dating people who have the same interest, whether they are sailing professionals or just amateur sailors.

These dating sites are: Sail Passions, Sailing Singles and Sail dating.

Sail Passions

This is an online dating site that focuses on dating for people who are into yachts, sailing ships and other nautical stuffs. It isn’t specifically dedicated to sailors only (but to dating partners who love sea), but it does have dating dating for sailors. SailPassions is also for those who are interested in boating as it is a part of the site. The good thing about this platform, however, is that its base is still very much sailing and nautical affairs.

Unlike Sail Passions which focuses on yachts and all things into boat-related activities, Sailing Singles specifically

Sailing Singles

Unlike Sail Passions which focuses on yachts and all things into boat-related activities, Sailing Singles specifically focuses on dating for sailors. It has boating-related forums to keep users interested in nautical activities, as well as active communities that are also dedicated to finding dating partners among sailors.

It is a dating site dedicated to all water and sailing people in the world who want to dating and share their dating experiences with others in the dating community.


This dating site is specifically dedicated to single sailors, especially those who are looking dating hookups, dating dating dating and dating friends. Sail Dating is another popular dating site that focuses exclusively on sailors who are looking for their perfect match or someone to date locally or internationally.

To conclude, if you are a single sailor who is looking to find a date or hookup for adult fun, all these dating sites can be great options.

Common questions among boating enthusiasts that happen to be single:

How do you meet single people who sail?

If you want to find other people (or soul mate?) to date that also enjoy a sailing club, you have the answer right at your finger tips. Here are some suggestions to help get a jump start:

  • Join a sailing crew pool. The racing season is always a great time to meet single sailors. You don’t even have to bring your own boat.
  • Find sailing crew opportunities on sites like CrewSeekers and Find-A-Crew, Crew-Bay, Ocean Crew Link.
  • Search the Meetup website for sailing meetups in your area
  • Take a sailing course through Power Squadrons or other sailing schools.
  • Organize your own sailing trips or event and meetup. The internet has helped everyone make friends faster and if you want to meet people then it might be time to open up that facebook account again.
  • Take someone out on a date and show them the yachting lifestyle on deck where you almost have the whole globe wide open to you.

Is there a sail or yachting dating site without paying?

There are a few out there if you want to open up an app to use outside of your browser. If you’re a single sailor looking for a partner who enjoys sails, races, community, boating, and world travel – perhaps sticking to Lovesail and/or Fitness Singles.

Try Sailing Trips With a Sailing Club

As we look for that special someone, those of us in the world that have the luxury to join a boating community are at an advantage. There are no destinations that a boat can keep us from and that makes for a great adventure finding your soul mate.

There is growing interest among men and women who are seeking friendship and boat races at the same time!

Surely there will be additional boating and dating sites that come online to cater to specific age groups or sailing interests.

Finding your one true love is always a journey.

Sailors are adventurous people who are passionate about the water, boats, and boating. There are plenty of singles out there with same interests as you looking to date – now it’s time to make the connections!

If you can’t find what you’re looking for online, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for local boating events in your area through the internet. Sign up for a sailing lesson or two and meet people in real life!

Why pay when there are free boating dating sites out there?

Unfortunately, when it comes to much of modern technology, nothing is truly free these days. If you want to meet free sail dating sites, you might be better joining an app since many of these are fee to download. But if you don’t have a smartphone or tablet there are plenty of other ways to find the online sailing community that is out there looking for soul mates just like you!

Is it possible to find love on a boat?

Well, love can happen anywhere. As long as you’re willing to take that leap into the deep blue yonder and move towards your own happiness, life can bring to you all of the moments you find romantic and adventurous!

And remember: The boat is mightier than the sword.

Finding a great match on any dating site (dating sites for sailors included) is never an easy hunt. But if you put forward the effort it makes it easier to find that match and catch them – just like a great fish!

The right person will always be out there and waiting for you, and as long as you’re putting yourself out there then we’re sure it will be the grandest adventure ever!

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