How to Charter a Catamaran in the BVI

Wondering exactly how to charter a catamaran in the BVI? Here’s the World Sailing Charters personal introduction guide. Read this first before booking a charter!

As a grown-up, the feeling of visiting the British Virgin Islands (BVI) can be compared to that of a kid visiting Disney. You have probably heard the hype about BVI and you are wondering if the trip is worth it.

Everything You Need to Know about Chartering a Catamaran in the BVI

We can tell you for a fact, BVI is a place you should visit at least once in your lifetime. The people, amazing beaches, the culture, and the tourist attractions in the BVI are ones to die for.

How to Charter a Catamaran in the BVI

While I can talk on and on about the beauty of the BVI, this article is meant to inform you of everything that you will need for the trip.

If this is your maiden trip, this guide to chartering a catamaran in the BVI will be very helpful. Consider the following tips:

Plan your catamaran charter in advance (duh)

For any trip, you need to plan in advance. Pack your clothes (according to the weather and culture of your destination), ensure that your travel documents are in order, and you have all the resources that you will need for the trip.

In the same way, you need to prepare adequately before chartering a catamaran to the BVI. During the planning stage, take note of the government travel advisories.

For instance, the regulation authorities in the BVI have imposed travel bands for travelers coming through the Dominican Republic. Also, Canadian residents are not allowed to travel to the BVI until April 30, 2021.

By researching these travel advisories, you will save yourself a lot of trouble. The planning stage is therefore very critical.

Check on the BVI Travel Policies

Before chartering a catamaran in BVI, you must check the updated travel policies. Now more than ever, a lot of protocols have to be followed because of the pandemic disease that is currently hitting the world.

As it stands, before you charter a catamaran in the BVI, you must have quarantined and taken the Covid-19 test. This is to ensure that only members who are free from the diseases are allowed to use and visit the facilities.

You can also save some time by acquiring travel insurance beforehand. With this document, you can be compensated in case of a cancellation. Additionally, having Travel Insurance can save you from the vigorous Covid-19 procedures.

Choose your ideal catamaran in the BVI’s

When in BVI, there are plenty of catamaran services to choose from. Each catamaran has its specifications and they vary in price. However, an average catamaran should offer basic services such as:

A tour round the magnificent coral reefs
A sail tour over the emerald-colored seas.
A tour around your ideal destinations.

The Cost of Chartering a Catamaran in the BVI

There is no specific price for chartering a catamaran in the BVI because they have different specifications and rates. However, we can estimate that you can find one for as low as €300 per day and as high as €2,000 per day.

It all depends on the features that you want to access and who owns the catamaran that you want to charter.

How you enjoy your trip to the BVI will depend on how well you plan and adjust to the situation. This begins from the planning stage to the travel policies and choosing your catamaran services.

What to Expect After Chartering a Catamaran in the BVI

While in the BVI, you can expect to have catamaran briefings. The briefings are more fun than they sound though! There are plenty of “insider tips” to consider as well. For instance, you are advised not to use the Cane Garden Bay when there is a cruise ship around.

Other basic factors to expect include:

You can forget about using your cell phone.

I do not think I can go a day without using my cell phone for social media and other basic services. However, when I chartered a catamaran in the BVI I couldn’t remember where my phone was for 2 days. Yes, that’s the amount of fun involved!

Expect to embarrass yourself when getting back into the dinghy.

Even though it sounds easy, I had a hard time trying to get from the waters and into the dinghy. I fell a few times and ended up embarrassing myself. To my credit though, I am a fast learner. I observed how the experienced natives did it and managed to do it successfully in the end.

Don’t worry about your bug spray, it’s all good in the BVI

I reside in Florida where mosquitoes bite humans for a living. During my first visit to the BVI, I was afraid of what the situation is going to be and I carried a lot of bug spray. Joke on me! I came back home with the bug spray still intact.

Whether you are chartering a catamaran in the BVI or you are just going to stay indoors, do not bother carrying a bug spray.

When in Rome, Do as Romans!

My biggest regret about chartering a catamaran in the BVI is not getting to enjoy everything that this beautiful travel destination has to offer. Normally, I do not drink beer and that was the case during my first couple of days on the island.

On the third day, I decided to try out a can of Carib. The taste was superb! I immediately regretted why I didn’t try them earlier. Simply put, while on the island, just enjoy everything and every moment.

The Key Takeaway

If you have never considered chartering a catamaran in the BVI, it is time to update your bucket list. Very few places in the world can beat the experience that this country has to offer. However, before making the trip, you must plan accordingly.

Figure out what the travel policies are. Check whether any documents are needed and make sure you go through all the health tests before packing your bags.

With the pandemic hitting the world at the moment, the BVI government has put in measures to ensure that everybody coming in and out remains safe.

While enjoying your catamaran services, make sure to learn about the natives and visit the various tourist attractions in the area.

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