Pontoon Boat Accessories

Our complete guide of the very best pontoon boat accessories that include grills, LED light kits, cup holders and more. Let’s dive in!

Pontoon Boat Grills

The best pontoon boat grill will be an item that has a slide-in design. This way there’s no need to drill into your pontoon boat for installation.

Pontoon Grill Cover

Pontoon boats are great to have on the water all summer long, but once you are done cruising for the day, it’s time to return home and clean up after a fun afternoon in the sun. Protect your pontoon boat grill by using a quality grill cover at night and when not in use.

Pontoon Boat Grill Selection Process

Selecting the right Pontoon boat grill is easy, but there are some things to consider before you make your decision.

Some of these factors are which Pontoon boat grill will work for your situation, where it can be mounted, what kind of engine you will need to run the Pontoon boat grill , and so on.

To help you decide, here is a list of Pontoon boat grills that you might want to consider.

Bayou Classic SP10 High-Pressure Outdoor Gas Cooker

The first Pontoon boat grill on the list is the Bayou Classic SP10 High-Pressure Outdoor Gas Cooker , which is a stove with a 10″ cooking surface and will require an additional propane tank.

This Pontoon boat grille weighs 30 pounds and has a quick ignition burners. The burner can be adjusted from a low simmer or full power for high heat grilling or frying.

This Pontoon grill also includes two folding side shelves that fold against the body when not in use. Stainless steel locking pins keep them securely in place while folded up and out of your way until needed for food prep space again. Out of the box, this Pontoon boat grill comes mostly assembled for your convenience.

GSI Outdoors, Selkirk Camp Stove

The second Pontoon boat grill on the list is the GSI Outdoors, Selkirk Camp Stove Pontoon Grill , which is a cooking stove that has an adjustable burner that provides 20,000 BTU-per-hour input for high heat grilling or frying.

This grill features stainless steel burners and folding side tables on both sides with stainless steel hardware.

This boat grill also comes with an 8ft hose regulator attached to the propane tank for easy connection. The grill weighs 31 pounds when shipped with easy assembly in mind.

Coleman Road Trip LXE Grill & Stove

The third Pontoon boat grill on the list is the Coleman Road Trip LXE Grill & Stove , which has a large enough surface area to allow you up to 4 hamburgers at once! The Coleman grill can accommodate up to 8 burgers at once on the 80 sq in grilling surface.

This grill is designed with a patented control valve technology for easy lighting . It comes with large and sturdy side tables made of aluminium for your convenience while cooking on it. The fuel hose and regulator are attached, and there is even a propane tank cover that protects the tank from any accidents.

Pontoon Boat Grills

Best grills for your pontoon boat

Bayou Classic Sp10 High Pressure Outdoor

Gsi Outdoors Selkirk Camp Stove

Coleman Roadtrip Portable Stand Up Propane Dp

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Pontoon LED Lights

Pontoon boats are great fun and a great way to spend time on the water. Obviously the main focus when you’re looking for potential pontoon boat is how it can be used, both in terms of fishing or just cruising around for pleasure.

The best pontoon boat lighting kits are the “strip” style that runs along the inside of the railing on both sides. These can be installed after purchasing specific clips that do not require you to drill or screw anything into your pontoon. You can simply clip them in place and enjoy the light!

However, with today’s increased prices in gas there are increasing incentives to ensure that your pontoon boat is as efficient as possible in its running costs.

Following these steps below will help you make sure you get the right pontoon LED lights:

What Size Do I Need?

When it comes to selecting LED lights for your pontoons there is no better option than our fantastic range. We have sizes ranging from 1.5W to 12W so there is a size to fit every pontoon on the market.

What Is The Color?

Our selection of LED lights for pontoons comes in eleven fantastic colours, both warm and cold white LEDs are available as well as a range of coloured options so you can choose the perfect one for your boat!

Choose from: White, Red/White/Blue, Green/White/Red, Blue, White/Green or White/Blue. You can also have Blue Green Mixture as a color option .

What Do I Need Them For?

Pontoon boats are designed with different purposes in mind and as such you need to make sure that you get the necessary lighting setup. If however you are unsure, make sure you contact us to ask for advice!

Pontoon LED Lights

Perfect LED Lights For Your Pontoon

Seapon Sailboat Lighting Courtesy Interior

Blast Led Pontoon Mounting Multi Color Changi

Green Blob Outdoors Multi Color Underdeck

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Pontoon Boat Cup Holders

For amenities such as cup holders, look for a “grip style” that locks onto the railing and protrudes out just far enough for a cup to fit into. These will grip your cup or can just sit there for easy access to drinks.

Pontoon Cup Holders

The cup holders on a pontoon boat should be durable and water resistant to keep your drinks from spilling. There are many types of holders available, from windscreens with drinkholders to grip-style cup holders that hold onto the railing.

Socket for cup holder

A socket can be used as a mounting point for any number of things, such as the cup holder. A socket is an irregularly shaped opening in sheet metal or other material large enough for a bolt or screw with a nut to pass through it.

The full diameter of the threaded end of the bolt must not exceed 1.25 times that of the thickness of the material.

The cup holders on a pontoon boat should be durable and water resistant to keep your drinks from spilling.

There are many types of holders available, from windscreens with drink-holders to grip-style cup holders that hold onto the railing!

Pontoon Cup Holders

Wise Pontoon Double 3059 1884 Platinum

Amarine Made Recessed Plastic Holder Marine

Lucky Seven Stainless Pontoon Inserts

Skiffdaddy Beverage Holder Pontoons Canoes

Pontoon Boat Cup Holders

Pontoon Jumbo Holder Textured Plastic

Kemimoto Universal Wheelchair Pushchair Trans

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Pontoon Boat Seat Cushions

You’ve been out all day long enjoying the sun, but now it’s time to sit back and relax with a cold one!

Make sure your pontoon boat seating is as comfortable as it can be by picking up a few sets of high-quality pontoon boat cushions.

Whether you’re looking for vinyl or mesh, look for something that is laid out on a grid system to maintain the structural integrity of the pontoon boat seating – especially when wet!

Pontoon seat cushions are great for fixing broken pontoon boat seating, covering up existing damage to your pontoon boat seats, or just to upgrade the looks of your pontoon!

Here’s what you need to know about pontoon seat cushions:

Vinyl versus Mesh Pontoon Seat Cushions

Vinyl – Plastic covers over a thick mesh weave. Best to use in warm climates as they will trap heat during sunny days!

Mesh – Thin mesh that has been stitched into rectangular shapes. Perfect for use in cooler climates! Salt Water Protection Keep an eye out for salt water protection when selecting the best pontoon boat seat cushion for you!

To apply once every year to ensure your investment lasts years longer. Most pontoon boat cushions are treated with UV inhibitors to protect them from the sun. Always check that before you buy! Pontoon Seating Depth

Depth – Measure your pontoon seats before buying new ones. Most pontoon boat seat cushions should fit between 9″ and 12″.

Make sure to keep an eye out for this measurement when shopping around!

Floatation to help find lost items in the water, look for floatation in the bottoms of your pontoon boat seat cushions.

Some have foam or padded bottoms while others have a mesh design for drainage.

With so many options available, it’s easy to choose the right one! Keep these tips in mind when shopping around for new pontoon boat seat cushions:

  1. Don ‘t forget to check the depth of your pontoon boat seating before buying new ones.
  2. Most pontoon cushions only fit between 9″ and 12″.
  3. Make sure you compare different measurements on different types of pontoon boat seat cushions – this is important for finding the right fit!
  4. Always look out for salt water protection or UV inhibitors, if you will be using your new accessory out on the water.

Pontoon Boat Seat Cushions

Leader Accessories Pontoon Captains Bucket

Wise 36 Inch Pontoon Required Complete

Wise Premier Pontoon 27 Inch Cushions

Leader Accessories Pontoon Captains Bucket

Leader Accessories Captains Bucket Premium

Leader Accessories Deluxe Gray Charcoal

Deckmate Premium Pontoon Seats Ivory

Affordura Boats Storage Folding Packs

Leader Accessories Folding Seats B Camo

North Captain Deluxe Folding Charcoal

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Pontoon Boat Umbrella

If there’s one accessory I can’t recommend enough, it would be an umbrella mount! If you want shade, but don’t want to invest in a full-sized bimini top, consider an umbrella instead.

The best pontoon boat umbrella will be one that slides down into the existing railing and accommodates different size umbrellas.

With over 25 years of pontoon boat experience, the first thing United Marine Products recommends is to not skimp on your umbrella or mount. You want a quality umbrella that will last for years and an ideal holder to keep it open on those breezy days.

The best place for an umbrella is just aft of the captain’s chair, so you have some protection from the wind as well as direct access to the throttle.

Be sure that your slide-down mount lets you get enough tension on the umbrella so it won’t move on a gusty day, but still allows you open and close with ease.

It has multiple adjustment holes in the metal plate and uses bolts that will fit any railing width. Plus, the height is adjustable with locking thumb screws.

Another advantage of this mount is that there is an additional hole for a standard post mount if you choose to add one later.

Just remember, when choosing your umbrella size and type, be sure to check the manufacturer’s weight recommendations. A windy day can turn a good thing bad in a hurry!

As we said earlier, it’s important not to skimp on the quality and durability of both your boat and pontoon accessories.

As long as you buy from a reputable company, you’ll rest assured knowing that your new accessory is designed specifically for pontoons.

Pontoon Boat Umbrellas

Naviskin Pacific Mounting Hardwares Aluminum

Stainless Telescopic High Tech Breathable Ant

Sport Brella Versa Brella Swiveling Umbrella

Taylor Products 12017 T Top 5 Feet

Leader Accessories Bimini Hardwares Aluminum

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Pontoon Boat Nuts & Bolts

It’s always a good idea to have some extra hardware on hand just in case. Whether you need bolts or standard nuts that will work on most pontoon boat accessories, pick up an extra set or two to keep in your storage cabinet.

What do I need to know before I go out and buy the nuts & bolts for my pontoon boat?

– Ensure you make your purchase at an authorized dealer.

– Make sure you have all the documentation from your original purchase with you. This will ensure that you are making a purchase of high quality hardware.

– Check to see if they carry specialty parts, such as trailer hitches and wiring kits. There is no sense in paying more than necessary when these accessories can be bought at a fraction of the cost elsewhere.

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