Sailing Watches

Sailing Watches are not just any old watch that happens to be waterproof! In fact, you’ll notice that a sailing watch will have many functions that do more than tell time. Among some of the most vital sailing gear categories, a top sailing watch will enhance your sailing abilities.

These watches are researched and vetted quite heavily by World Sailing Charters because we know how confusing or even overwhelming picking out the best sailing watches can be.

Best Sailing Watches: Our Complete Collection

Best Sailing Watches

Recommended Top Rated Sailing Watches

Seamaster Automatic Stainless Waterproof Mech

Suunto Core All Black Military

Timex T2n721 Intelligent Compass Temperature

Casio G7900a 4 G Shock Rescue Digital

Invicta Quartz Stainless Silicone Casual

Olevs Automatic Mechanical Tourbillon Waterpr

Invicta 6981 Analog Chronograph Polyurethane

Invicta Quartz Stainless Silicone Casual

Invicta Quartz Chronograph Abalone Bracelet

Invicta Aviator Stainless Quartz Silicone

Invicta Stainless Quartz Polyurethane Orange

Nautica Naptds902 Tarpoon Silver Silicone

Invicta 6983 Collection Chronograph Polyureth

Invicta Marvel Quartz Stainless Silicone

Tissot Carson Swiss Quartz Stainless

Tissot Sailing Quartz Stainless Rubber

Tissot Sailing Quartz Stainless Rubber

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What should I look for in a sailing watch?

Whether you’re sailing around the world or just sailing on your local lake, picking the right sailing watch makes all the difference. This guide will help you find a sailing watch that not only keeps time accurately, but also gives you precise measurements to keep track of everything from wind speed and direction to tides and GPS coordinates.

Sailing Watch Features To Consider

Find out what features are available in sailing watches so you can pick the best one for your needs.

Sailing Watch Features  – A sailing watch is much more than a regular sports watch. It includes useful features that make it easier to use when sailing, including:

Tide graphs – Know how high or low the tide is running in relation to where your boat is located in an instant with tide graphs in sailing watches. Knowing the tide can help you time your sailing and make it easier to dock when you return. Tide charts are also included in most sailing watches, but if yours does not include them, there is often a way for you to download tide app onto your sailing watch via Bluetooth or USB connection.

GPS Coordinates – A GPS function gives the latitude and longitude of where your boat is located at any given moment. This makes plotting a course home easy as well as providing a useful tool if your boat ever gets lost or stolen.

Compass – Some sailing watches have built-in compasses that show exactly which direction you’re facing as well as how far off course you are from true north you can adjust accordingly! You can also use your sailing watch to find true north and plot a course.

Bluetooth Connectivity – If you’re sailing with other people, it can be useful for all of you to have sailing watches that connect via Bluetooth so everyone is on the same page when it comes to location, heading, data etc. You can download additional features using USB connection such as tide apps and weather updates.

Water Resistance – It goes without saying that sailing watches need to be waterproof in order to survive sailing trips! Look for one that offers at least 100 meters (330 feet) of water resistance if you want maximum protection. Some sailing watches are even designed for scuba diving and snorkeling in addition to sailing!

Hands/Indexes – Hands are the main feature on sailing watches since they display time, but sailing watches also include index marks that can help you keep track of more information depending on where they’re located. Some sailing watches have only hour markers whereas others also have indexes for minutes and sometimes seconds as well.

Sailing Watch Material – Sailing watches are usually made of stainless steel or titanium because it’s durable enough to handle long flights or falls without getting scratched or dented up too much. Metal bands are usually preferred over leather ones because they don’t wear out as easily especially near saltwater.

Tissot Sailing-Touch

Tissot Sailing-Touch Mens Black Face Multi-Function Watch T056.420.27.051.00

Mens Black Face Multi-Function Watch T056.420.27.051.00

Tissot T-Touch

Tissot T-Touch Sailing Touch Multi-Function GMT Perpetual Calendar Analog Digital Alarm Watch

Mens Black Face Multi-Function Watch T056.420.27.051.00

Citizen Eco-Drive 

Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Sailhawk Quartz Men's Watch, Stainless

Promaster Sailhawk Quartz Men’s Watch, Stainless Steel.

The Best Sailing Watches

There are many different sailing watches available including the latest sailing technology from brands like Casio, Suto, Garmin and more. Here is a list of the best sailing watches so you can find one that suits your sailing needs.

Casio MDV106-1AV – The Casio is an affordable sailing watch with tide and moon graph, temperature readings, large hands and indexes, direction readings via built-in compass, water resistance up to 100 meters (330 feet), blue backlight for easy reading in low light conditions, countdown timer, stopwatch with lap/split times as well as five daily alarms.

Suunto Core All Black Military – This all black military sailing watch is great for sailing or other outdoor activities like hiking or climbing because it offers high levels of water resistance up to 330 feet along with features like barometer/altimeter readings, storm alarm with backlight, sunrise/sunset times, tide graphs, recording capabilities for up to 40 sets of data as well as all around sailing watch functions.

Sailing watches are essential sailing gear that have many different uses, including finding your way home with GPS coordinates or plotting courses with a compass.

A sailing watch can also monitor all kinds of useful sailing information such as wind speed and direction plus it has other features like storm updates via Bluetooth technology which you may find helpful for sailing trips. Sailing watches come in many different styles, but most are stainless steel or titanium with metal bands that are durable enough to handle rough sailing conditions.